• Adam Suzor

Weekly Tech Resources 04/06/2020

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This Weeks Hot Topic Keeping up with the digital noise. Staying sane.

Working from home and practicing social distancing is tough. On top of that, we also have to navigate something relatively new for a lot of people, digital noise/tech overload.

I am not going to pretend that I know what is best for maintaining mental and physical health. So all I am going to do is share with you what our team has been doing to deal with the challenges around social distancing and dealing with the digital noise/tech overload.

  • Get a small group together. - our team has a Google Meet room that is open all day. We hop in and out of it throughout the day as we work. It really does a good job at keeping the "office" vibe. Our team works independently but has the security of knowing there is a group they can have those small but important conversations with such as how their weekend was, what's new, etc.

  • Set a schedule. - it's important to have a rhythm. Our team continues to report to work at a set time every day. We also stop working at a set time every day. This is very important to help keep your organization aligned but also brings a level of stability and predictability to everyone's life. Two very important but yet easy components that work can bring during these times where uncertainty is everywhere.

  • Stay moving. - you don't realize how exercise getting in and out of the car, walking to the office, or going to get a coffee from the local coffee shop is until it goes away. Our team has attempted to combat this by running a short 15-20 minute workout Monday through Thursday. We also have reduced our workday on Fridays to help encourage people to go outside and hike or exercise.

  • Turn off notifications. - there is no need to know the second someone likes your Facebook post or when you receive that email. I suggest turning off all notifications (except for phone calls). This allows you to break free from your phone pulling you in. Instead, you will be only going to your phone when you want to use it. If someone sends you an email or text message outside of your scheduled work time, don't feel like you need to reply or even read it.

What's Coming Next

  • Guidance on Email & Digital Security

  • Setting up a workspace at home

Please make sure you reach out to our Help Desk with any concerns or challenges you are facing with working from home.

Here are the ways you can get in touch: with us:

Email: help@suzorit.com

LiveChat: help.suzorit.com

Text/Voicemail: 978-633-0090

Facebook Messenger: facebook.com/suzorit