• Adam Suzor

Weekly Tech Resources 03/30/2020 #K12

New Resources

This Weeks Hot Topic Zoom, is it safe? Yes and no.

This week our Help Desk has been FLOODED with questions regarding Zoom and its use in K-12 Education. The concern started when a news article started to circulate on a K-12 email list telling school leaders to avoid the app. So let's break it down. First, there is no security concern IF you are using Zoom for Education. The concern starts when educators are using the free or business paid version. The privacy policies (even on the paid version) are not compliant with regulations your school needs to follow. Second, your school's tech department can create a Zoom for Education account which would address any of the concerns around privacy and security. Third, your school's tech department may not want to encourage staff to use Zoom if they are a G Suite (Google Apps) organization. Our team is encouraging staff and students to utilize Google Meet whenever possible. The reason for this is to ensure the simplicity of apps and the alignment of the organization. It is a lot easier if everyone is using one app rather than 2-3 different apps for the same task.

What's Coming Next

  • Guidance on using Google Meet to run a virtual class w/breakout sessions

  • A full list of vetted apps

  • Guidance on getting an internet connection if you do not have one

Please make sure you reach out to our Help Desk with any concerns or challenges you are facing with working from home.

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