Imagine the scenario: You have a deadline and are working hard to meet the needs of your client. Suddenly, your computer stops working. It won’t connect to the internet. Is it the computer, your router, the network, or some other problem that you might be missing? It doesn’t really matter – you need to be up and running NOW. But who do you call for help?


The answer is Suzor IT. We offer Help Desk services to prevent this scenario from ever becoming a reality. Our team can help you get up and running again in no time. And instead of scrambling to contact your internet service provider or some helpdesk on the other side of the world and hoping that they won’t blame each other for the problem, you will be able to contact someone right down the road who knows your business technology inside and out. It’s really that simple.


Our Help Desk services offer more than just technology solutions when something goes wrong. Suzor IT wants to make sure your business is getting technology right starting the moment you make a purchase. That is why we offer purchasing guidance for our monthly clients. If you are considering a new technology purchase for your office, talk to us first. We can guide you in the direction of products that meet the needs of your company while keeping your budget in mind, or we may suggest another direction that saves you money in the long run. Either way, you will have the comfort of knowing you made a great investment for your business and your team.




Learning how to operate new technology is hard enough for one person…getting a team on board can be a bit of a nightmare! With the help of Suzor IT, our monthly Help Desk subscribers have access to team training session to get everyone on the same page. And when you team understands the technology, your business runs efficiently.



At Suzor IT, we take our commitment to friendly tech support seriously. We want you to focus on running your business, not technology problems. That’s why we created a suite of Small-Medium Business (SMB) Help Desk and Remote Support solutions. For a small monthly investment, you get the peace of mind that comes with unlimited remote support, plus guidance on any hardware or software purchases you make for your company. A custom Help Center portal helps you track your help requests, along with providing a FAQ section, and additional information to help your business run smoothly. As always, our team is there to provide jargon-free, easy-to-digest technology solutions. In other words, it just works!


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