• K-12 WiFi installation across the entire campus (5 buildings).

  • The school was facing the problem of WiFi becoming slow when all students were online.

  • Installed the latest generation WiFi 6 technology across all buildings to fully cover the campus.

The Client.

Our client was Mohawk Trail Regional School District, a regional school district located in Western, MA. The School District had a total of (5) buildings which had a variety of complex challenges ranging from multiple floors to older buildings that were never intended to have WiFi installed in them. Our team had to design a solution that would support over 3,000 devices and allow teachers, students, and guests  to connect seamlessly regardless of the building they were visiting.


The Problem.

Prior to the new solution, classrooms would experience a “slow down” if all students were using the WiFi at the same time. Unreliable WiFi coverage was leading to a lower/slower adoption rate of the 1:1 Chromebook program the that was recently launched.

The Solution.

Our team implemented Cisco Meraki’s latest generation full stack (Security, Switch, WiFi) solution to streamline the management, reporting, and network design. By redesigning the network with a wireless first approach, our team was able to address the congestion issues that were previously being experienced. Our team was also able to implement outdoor WiFi (which proved to be helpful during COVID!!) to help improve the adoption rate of the 1:1 Chromebook program.