• Installation of TVs in the fire bay integrated into the¬†emergency notification and response system.
  • The Fire Department was looking for a mare efficient of informing responding members.
  • Installed the latest generation WiFi 6 technology across all buildings to fully cover the campus.

The Client.

Our client was the Ashburnham Fire Department, located in Central, MA. They use a platform called IamResponding to notify the members of their department who is responding to a call.

The Problem.

The department was looking for a solution that would allow for easy communication from the apparatus to the responding members of who else may be responding (from the call force).

The Solution.

So this is definitely one of our easier solutions, the solution was to install TVs in-between the bay doors. These TVs would display information from the IamResponding program informing the responding members of who is responding. This was an easy solution to deploy as Ashburnham already has a robust and reliable wireless infrastructure.